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Build a Book illustrations for Humpty Dumpty = Cute!

4 Dec

LW_VOC_open-book LW_VOC_page-view-1 LW_VOC_page-view-2Build a Book illustrations for Humpty Dumpty = Cute!

This was a really fun project, given that I have a very soft spot for fat cats. It’s just a cute and simple poem about a little girl’s very own cat, named John Henry. Humpty Dumpty has a fun activity for kids, they can cut out the pages and cut them up, fold and staple to make their own mini book. A quick lesson in book binding and printing forms as it’s a bit of a puzzle to make sure the pages come together in the right order.
The illustrations were fun to do as they’re simple and rely totally on the girth of the cat to give them character. Typical cat (just like mine), all he does is eat and sleep and love… and play and get exercise for 5 minutes a day!

Gorillas with a twist

5 Jun

You know the old, fairly obnoxious joke: Where does an 800 lb gorilla sleep? Anywhere it wants to! Turns out, not really. A few weeks back I illustrated a really cute story by Pamela Love for Humpty Dumpty magazine, Little Gorilla Makes His Bed, which shows all the lengths this grumpy little gorilla goes to, to find a place to sleep. This was a super fun assignment, and I love how it turned out. Read the story online here, or check out the illustrations below. 

If you want a real critique of how truly dumb that joke is, Christopher Peterson’s article in Psychology Today has a few beefs with it. 

And on a really positive note, how amazing is it that gorillas can learn sign language and create artwork – both to communicate with humans and, it seems, for personal fulfilment – check out the artwork of Koko and Peter here. 


Winter Party Illustration for Humpty Dumpty Magazine

13 Jan

Last fall, I scored a really fun assignment for Humpty Dumpty magazine – a full spread illustrating a poem about a wintry night in a big city park – where a big birthday bash is set to begin. Keeping in mind one of my favourite places in the whole world – Central Park – I had a blast doing this – playing around with the effects of streetlights making halos of light on the snow and adding the gently falling flakes. Also hiding all the objects in plain site… trying to figure what would be just challenging enough for a 5-7 year old. My 4-year-old, who’s EXTREMELY advanced (of course she is) got about half right – I figured that would work out okay. Anyhoo, it was fun to get the printed copy in the mail the other day. Have a look! Can YOU find all the hidden party paraphernalia? Good for you!humpty-print2 humpty-print1 LW_HumptyDumpty_Winter-Party_final_REV1_wtype