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Crazy Love

30 Jul

Crazy Love

L’amour fou… crazy love. Here in Paris this has resulted in too many bunnies. Oops! But this is a happy family of French bunnies. Just posted it as a print for sale in my Etsy shop, Janey’s Superette.

lamour-framed lamour-fou3 lamour-fou4 lamour-fou5

Gorillas with a twist

5 Jun

You know the old, fairly obnoxious joke: Where does an 800 lb gorilla sleep? Anywhere it wants to! Turns out, not really. A few weeks back I illustrated a really cute story by Pamela Love for Humpty Dumpty magazine, Little Gorilla Makes His Bed, which shows all the lengths this grumpy little gorilla goes to, to find a place to sleep. This was a super fun assignment, and I love how it turned out. Read the story online here, or check out the illustrations below. 

If you want a real critique of how truly dumb that joke is, Christopher Peterson’s article in Psychology Today has a few beefs with it. 

And on a really positive note, how amazing is it that gorillas can learn sign language and create artwork – both to communicate with humans and, it seems, for personal fulfilment – check out the artwork of Koko and Peter here. 


Lucky, lucky me! (part 1)

24 Jan

So, in addition to all the other reasons I’m lucky, right after Christmas I found out I was one of three winners of the grain edit Holiday Giveaway Bash! If you aren’t familiar with grain edit, it’s an amazing blog focused on classic graphic design and illustration work from the 1950s-70s as well as contemporary design drawing inspiration from that time period. It’s my FAVOURITE. I can’t tell you how many amazing designers and illustrators they’ve introduced me to… both from back in the day and from now.

The holiday giveaway consisted of three awesome and generous prize packs – I picked door #3, and shortly afterwards the mailman started showing up nearly every day with exciting goodies for me! It’s tapered off a bit now, although I know there’s more to come. In fact, I just arrived home from a meeting with my accountant (ouch!) to find a slick polar bear print from Josh Brill/Lumadessa. Lovely surprise on a gorgeous sunny frigid day.

There’s too much to show and tell in one entry, so I’ll break it up into at least two … and update as the sweet surprises continue to arrive.

Well, to begin with:

Image{It’s called Fancy Antique Display and it comes courtesy of Morten Iveland/Infamous Foundry. It’s inspired by French decorative alphabets from the 1940s and 50s. Love it!}

I won several beautiful books! Henri’s Walk to Paris by Saul Bass, of the cool animated film titles, and Wondering Around Wandering – Work So Far by Mike Perry, just for starters:



More books I can’t wait for a few lazy hours to wander through:

ImageImageSweet Little Book of Lettering by Emily Gregory

ImageImageLittle Big Books: Illustrations for Children’s Picture Books by Robert Klanten & H. Hellige – my goodness, I think they made this book JUST for ME!

ImageImageSign Painters by Faythe Levine and Sam Macon – through profiles of professional sign painters, outlines the decline of this once common skilled trade, as well as the current trend to revive traditional sign painting. Fascinating! I’d already received a copy of this great book for Christmas – so I’m spreading the luck and giving that copy away to someone else!

My prize also includes MANY screenprints and posters… WOW! Here are just a couple that I’ve received so far.

ImageMary Kate McDevitt‘s High 5 screenprint came in the cutest packaging.

ImageHere’s a detail of Javier Garcia‘s “Hail to the King” print… will be a great addition to my daughter’s room as she’s big into princesses, castles and dragons.

Well, I wonder what will come tomorrow?

Huge thanks to grain edit and their lovely sponsors!!

Goodnight Nanny-Cam : The New Yorker

10 Dec

goodnight-nanny-camBeing a big fan of Goodnight Moon, not that I remember it from my childhood but from the earlier years of reading my daughter to sleep at night… so comforting and sleep inducing to list the contents of the bedroom: “Goodnight old lady whispering hush”.

Here’s an updated version … we have about 1/2 of these items at the moment!

Goodnight Nanny-Cam : The New Yorker.