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12 Sep


Well, I’ve been refusing to admit it, but it looks like summer’s pretty much kaput. So, to celebrate the summer that was, here’s a little kid Kanikapila on the the beach (the word means a spontaneous Hawaiian jam session). Having never been to Hawaii, I have this romanticized idea that it’s all tiki sculptures, hangin ten, surf style, pineapple, and stuff like that. Even though I did see The Descendants, where the sky was dark and grey all the time and people seemed to have all the same problems they do here, and didn’t even stick flowers in their hair all that much.

Happy summer surfer gals

21 Jun

Aloha! Hey, I’m pretty sure this is the first day of summer. Is it? Yippee! Summer is my 2nd favourite season, and I do love it SO much, especially hanging out at the beach. One day I’ll learn how to surf, but so far I’m only a surfer gal in my mind. To celebrate, I did up not one but TWO illustrations of surfer girls. I’ll probably do a third at some point. Also I’ll have prints of these available in my Etsy shop probably in early July. So here’re the gals, happy and sunny and scanning the horizon for choice waves, and a cute shack with some fun graffiti in Rainy Bay, photo from In the Moment on tumblr, a great beachy blog. Happy Summer!