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Put your kids to work!

12 Sep


Little freeloaders…. I’m kidding! But Delta Faucet Company has the right idea, in the article for their online content portal “Inspired Living”. I was commissioned to create four super-helpful kid characters of varying ages, to show how kids as young as two can be real team players around the house.


Pop-ups give hints on when to start giving kids more responsibility, and how to motivate them (for fun or financial gain, as they get older).

I’m wondering if it’s time to put our 6-yr-old to work – is it too soon to have her learn to mix cocktails? As soon as she can read, I’ll give her Sally Draper’s cocktail cheat sheet, adorably illustrated by Mad Men Illustrated artist Dyna Moe.

Two of my favourite blogs….

10 Jan

Happy New Year!

This week I was lucky enough to get lovely profiles in two wonderful blogs – ad works, written by my good friend, art director Alexandra Douglas, and Simply Fabulous Chic, written by my new friend, Inge, from Bruges, Belgium! Alex writes about all kinds of fun, cool stuff – design related mostly, but whatever grabs her attention that day. It’s a great read and you never know what you’ll find!

Simply Fabulous Chic is the creation of Inge, a lovely Belgian mom and interior design nut with “an incurable passion for interior design and writing”. I love her blog because she combines a great eye for fresh, gorgeous home design with an infectious enthusiasm for everything she writes about, along with personal details about her life in Bruges. Also, she said some really sweet things about my Etsy shop 😉

If you have a minute or an hour, drop by either of these blogs for some eye candy and smiles!