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Henry Miller’s Work Schedule

31 Jan

Starting today I will be adopting this as my own. Especially the last part of number 7.Timeless advice...

Think only of the book you are writing. | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.


28 Jan

This is a very gloomy and damp day. But my sunshiney apple makes me think of spring! This is the first of a series of alphabet illustrations I’ve been working on for awhile… being more capitalist than orderly I’ve decided to start with the letters that begin popular kids’ names. I know there are a lot of Annas and Alexas and Aidans and Abigails out there. Take a big bite and watch out for worms!

Up and running on Etsy

7 Jan

So I’ve been quietly listing all kinds of fun stuff to my new Etsy shop: and now there are loads of goodies to choose from – so far all are supergreat-quality giclee prints of my illustrations. Here’s one: Girl flying away with umbrella